FAQ Laser Tattoo Removal

What happens at a consultation:

Our first visit will include a free consultation where we will review your health information and ask questions to make sure laser tattoo removal is appropriate for you. Your tattoo will be evaluated and you will be counseled on the removal process and the results you can expect. We will estimate the amount and cost per treatment. You can also start your first treatment immediately after the free consultation.

How does laser tattoo removal work:

The Quanta Laser is designed to specifically target tattoo ink without damaging the normal skin. Short-pulsed lasers emit a focused beam of light over the tattoo causing the ink to absorb the energy. Once this has occurred, the pigment colors in the tattoo begin to fragment allowing the body to gradually absorb and eliminate the ink by the immune system. This process results in a fading of the tattoo after each treatment until the desired results are achieved.

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What kinds of tattoos can be treated with laser tattoo removal?

The laser can remove many professional and amateur tattoos as well as cosmetic, such as lip liner, eyeliner, or eyebrow tattoos. All tattoo colors can be treated with the Quanta Q-C+ Laser.

Why multiple treatments?

Tattoos have layers of ink stacked on top of each other with pigment particles that cannot be completely broken down in one session. We will go over your entire tattoo with the laser at each session and each treatment will produce some level of fading.

How many treatments?

Our laser produces the best results with the fewest treatments. Your tattoo removal sessions should be spaced 6-8 weeks apart allowing your body enough time to absorb the inks particles from the previous treatment. The number of tattoo removal treatments depends on a few factors: the age of the tattoo, color of the ink, density of the ink, the presence of pre-existing scarring in the tattoo and whether it’s a professional or amateur tattoo. Black ink is the easiest to remove, followed by reds and browns while blues and greens, orange, yellows, pinks and purples are the most difficult to treat. Some tattoos can be removed in only 3-5 sessions, while heavier professional and newer tattoos can require 10 or more treatments.

Does it hurt?

Patients like to compare the pain of laser tattoo removal with that of getting the tattoo applied. The biggest difference by far is that laser tattoo removal is much quicker – most treatments take between 5-20 minutes depending on size. Laser tattoo removal is best described as a flick of a rubber band. We pretreat your skin with cooling packs which help with the discomfort and also protects the skin from injury. Post-treatment discomfort is a similar feeling to having sunburn and we give specific tips for your care after the procedure.

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately following your laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattoo will have a whitish appearance, may also develop some swelling, and may even have some pinpoint bleeding. Antibiotic ointment and a bandage may be applied to the treated area. The treated area will take a few days to heal and the tattoo will then begin to fade. During the healing process, gently cleanse the area and avoid sun exposure. We provide our patients with detailed after-care instructions to help them manage their skin after the treatment.

Side Effects:

Most patients will have some redness and swelling while some may experience minor blistering and pinpoint bleeding. These side effects are temporary and your skin will heal. We also review more specific side effects possible to your skin type at your free consultation.


Our goal is to provide the most affordable tattoo removal services in Hawaii. The cost will depend upon the size and colors of your tattoos and we’ll confirm the price during the free consultation. We offer discounts for packages, multiple removals, Military and also gang affiliated tattoos.