Laser Tattoo Removal Before & After Gallery

The number of laser sessions or time it takes to remove a tattoo depends on many factors such as: skin type, skin color, tattoo ink color, tattoo ink density, tattoo placement on the body, size of tattoo, age of tattoo. We take all of this under consideration when evaluating your tattoo at your initial consult and estimating the number of sessions to completely remove it. Most tattoo’s will nearly always require more than 1 laser session to completely remove. If you only have black ink, on average it is usually 3-6 sessions with colors sometimes requiring more treatments but not always. Some of the photos shown that seem red around the tattoo is caused by the ice we use to numb the area before treatment. Each of the photos are taken before treatment. Some of the photos are only after one or two sessions,and others are almost completely removed requiring only a session or two left but when it is completely removed, they don’t have a reason to come back to our office anymore so we don’t always get the final after photo.